The Checkout: Thank you!

Kelvin here, sorry I couldn’t get this updated sooner, I have been a bit unwell due to travelling…

First and Foremost, to all readers and supporters of our campaign, from both Rob and I, you have our most sincere gratitude and thanks for putting your trust in us. I for one, am grateful for this opportunity communicate my own style of political media to Queensland and I appreciate that people taken time out to read at least some of my musings, it is both a gratifying and humbling experience.

Rob would also like to thank the locals of Cooper, the feedback and inquires he received help us both drive harder than either of us were prepared for.  Despite it being somewhat taxing for us, we belief that each one of your inquires should treated with the dignity and respect. We believe this to be the hallmark of an accessible social service and hope this sentiment is reciprocated.

That said, unfortunately we were unable to convince enough of  Cooper to join our agenda however thanks to your support we did achieve 789 votes amounting to 2.74%. Rob and I would like to thank all 789 voters for believing in our mission, your vote were not in vein and Rob and I have discussed a more complete campaign when the opportunity arises (more than four weeks would be nice for a start!).

We have learned and grown so much through this campaign and we hope that come next term we are better prepared and appropriately resourced to combat the political machine might.

Our concern in the meantime however, is the need for government transparency and accountability, for government to enact, follow and deliver on issues in which they were elected for.

As for Rob, he will continue to work closely within the Brisbane community and continue to listen, observe, gather research and  formulate policy for Queensland future.

As for myself, I will continue my studies and take things as they come, I do enjoy political writing however only time will tell if this is the right path for me.

For now again thank you all for your support, we will be both still around if you wish to ask us any further questions or raise any others issues. If not we will see your all back here in a few years :).

Kelvin Tran & Rob Wiltshire